Grounds Guys Is Open For Business in Jacksonville, Florida!

Join us in congratulating James and Jen O’Brien on becoming new franchise owners! They opened Grounds Guys in May 2019 in Jacksonville, Florida. We wanted to explore the process they went through and understand the deciding factors which prompted them to go the franchise route. We interviewed James and here’s what we learned:

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How did your background prepare you to be a franchise owner?

“I have been in the Navy for 20 years, leading people for 15 years, and serving as Chief for 7 years. I am really good at leading others as it seems that anything I touch others want to follow. I have learned from bad leaders on what not to do. I will retire in 2020 and know I do not want to go back to work and start at the bottom working for someone who hasn’t paid his or hers dues. I believe that with the amount of sacrifice I have made and the amount of experience I have gained, I don’t need to be flexible. Owning my own lawn and landscape business has always been my dream! I have talked about it for over 10 years and my wife said, do it! So I did!”

If you were to give advice to someone considering a franchise, what would it be?

“Don’t let fear stop you. The demons will creep in and voices will say don’t do it – don’t listen to them. I backed out of purchasing Grounds Guys one time, but Heidi and Grounds Guys got me back on track. This is the best thing I have ever done – business wise. Heidi presented me with three concepts. The first one was landscaping, the other two were interesting but I really dug into Grounds Guys. I found they had been in business for 20 years and their methods and processes were tested, proven, and successful. I realized that if I tried to do this by myself it would take me years to figure it out.”

What was it like working with Heidi as your coach and The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) process?

“My friend Sean, who went through the process with Heidi himself, referred her to me. Heidi is great; she really listens to you and she puts you first and delivers on what she believes will make you happy and successful. Heidi is very knowledgeable, supportive, thorough, and has lots of contacts. Every step of the way she provided something or someone that made the process easy and the stress go away. She helped with the loan process, credit card processing and even buying a vehicle at a good price. She is a one-stop-shop to walk you through from being an average person to becoming a business owner. I love that she makes the process all about you, she will go slow or fast with zero pressure. You can tell that she genuinely loves what she does. If anybody is thinking about being an entrepreneur, starting a business, opening a franchise, they have to explore with Heidi.”

Thanks James and Jen for your trust in Heidi and in The Entrepreneur’s Source process to allow your dream to come true! Our entire team at The Entrepreneur Source wishes you much success!

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About Grounds Guys

The Grounds Guys is a full-service grounds care company. They do everything from lawn cutting, pruning, planting, sodding, irrigation, pressure washing, pools, enclosures, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. Their established systems allow them to deliver industry-leading lawn care and landscape solutions. If you’re looking for a new outdoor look or maintenance of an existing landscape give Grounds Guys a try! Located in Jacksonville, Florida.