HomeVestors Now in Jacksonville, Florida

Congratulations to Bruce Hinschberger on his new franchise, Hinsch Property Solutions, LLC, a HomeVestors of America franchise, located in Jacksonville, Florida! HomeVestors franchisees buy houses so sellers can enjoy both the time they save and the convenience of having the house purchased “as is” for cash. We interviewed Bruce to understand what attracted him to owning a franchise, and here’s what we learned:

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How did your background prepare you to be a franchise owner?

”Honestly, either not at all or very well. I am about to retire from the Navy with 30 years of service. I have no business experience, but spent 30 years following guidelines, procedures, processes, and using proven systems. I felt that my experiences in the Navy prepared me very well for becoming a franchise owner. Franchises are proven business models complete with established policies, procedures, guidelines, and systems.”

If you were to give advice to someone considering a franchise, what would it be?

“Do your due diligence and homework and seek Heidi Simos to be your personal Coach. Make sure you do your own research on the business you are considering to understand what they truly do. I think it is important to remember that you should focus on the business and not necessarily your passion. Just because you enjoy being a handyman doesn’t mean you would be successful owning a handyman business – keep an open mind. Also, make sure you understand the budgeting piece – all of the components. It takes money to get started. It won’t happen overnight.

I was very aggressive in seeking information from others, asking for advice, asking about the business, etc. I also started my search early to avoid getting in a bind. I think it is very important for you to know yourself. For example, I know that I have a tendency to research, discuss, and then research some more. I tend to churn, so I was smart enough to realize that I would continue to do so unless I had something to force me to take action. I told myself that if I didn’t purchase this franchise now the cost would go up – you must take action at some point.”

What was it like working with Heidi as your coach and The Entrepreneur Source process?

“It was great! Heidi provided structure and accountability. I knew the next week we would talk and she would ask me what I had accomplished since we last spoke. I didn’t want to let her down by not doing my homework. She held me accountable and kept me on task. She also helped me think through things from a different perspective. By getting me to look at different types of business opportunities she pushed me outside of my comfort zone and made me think outside of the box. I was planning on making investments in the future in real estate, so I initially discounted HomeVestors. However, overtime I kept coming back to it. I highly recommend Heidi and The Entrepreneur’s Source coaching process.”

Thanks Bruce for allowing Heidi to assist you in choosing your perfect franchise. Our entire team at The Entrepreneur Source wishes you much success!

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About Hinsch Property Solutions, LLC, a HomeVestors of America franchise, Jacksonville, Fl

The HomeVestors process is all about simplicity. They make you a no-obligation offer on the spot for your house “as is”. That means no repairs needed, no showings and you don’t even have to clean it. You won’t pay typical closing costs or Realtor listing fees, and they pay you in cash. If you are looking to sell you home without all the traditional hassle and cost, give Bruce a call at 904-343-3173.