Jacksonville, FL Couple Become OxiFresh Franchise Owners!

Congratulations to Sean and Cristina Rotolo on their new franchise! They are the proud owners of Oxi Fresh, located in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding area. We interviewed Sean and Cristina to gain insight as to what inspired them to become a franchise owner, and here’s what we learned:

How did your background prepare you to be a franchise owner?

“For me, leadership and serving as a program manager in recruiting while in the Navy taught me leading at a distance. I learned very quickly that I had to hit the numbers! Also, military personnel are known for being able to listen and follow directions. Franchises provide you with a proven package with everything laid-out for you, which is very attractive to me”, said Sean. Cristina added, “I am a nurse and I wanted to find something to supplement my retirement. I always had a desire to own my own business and a franchise was a perfect fit.”

Couple holding OXI fresh business card

If you were to give advice to someone considering a franchise, what would it be?

Sean and Cristina replied with 4 helpful tips:

1. “You have to be open minded. You must look at all opportunities presented and hear them out. Don’t just go after what you are familiar with. We never thought about being in carpet cleaning, in fact, since Cristina is a nurse we were looking at home health. We learned through the process that home health start-up was a higher investment than we expected, and we would not be able to maintain the life style we have and fund a home health franchise. It’s not always about what you want; it is all about the business. OxiFresh gives us the ability to carry on our current life and start a new life. Even if the economy goes down, service jobs still exist. A co-worker of mine, who is also a franchise owner, told me that he wished he had been more open-minded during the process, as it would have opened up more options for him.”

2. “Talking with the franchise representatives was an eye-opener. Believe me they are not all the same. The Oxifresh franchise director knew his product inside and out, worked around our hours and seemed to really want us on the team. Other directors didn’t appear to want to be bothered by us.”

3. “Be prepared to work. You might think that you can start a business and then just do whatever you want to do – not true. We are both still working full-time jobs. So, we have to manage our franchise outside of family time and work hours. It may sound crazy, but we hold our daily update meeting at night while in bed – works for us.”

4. “Be on the same page. If you and your spouse/partner are not on the same page, it is a recipe for disaster.”

What was it like working with Heidi as your coach and The Entrepreneur Source process?

“Heidi is phenomenal! A Senior Chief in the Navy recommended her to me; a person I highly respect. When I saw the trust and confidence he had in her, it made my decision to reach-out to her easy. I found out that she was presenting at the University of North Florida and we decided to go specifically to meet Heidi. She has so much compassion and cares not only for you as her client, but also for your entire family. It is imperative to her that together you find the best franchise fit for your family. She is not a yes person; she is the right person! Heidi went through the process with us at our speed and she worked with our crazy schedule.”

“Heidi was always there to calm my nerves – for both of us. We were able to embrace our anxiety knowing that we had Heidi to ask questions. Heidi had the answers or if not, she found the answer. Her support is amazing! Working with Heidi and going through The Entrepreneur Source process was an outstanding experience!”

Thank you Sean and Cristina for taking the journey to franchise ownership and allowing Heidi to be your guide. Our entire team at The Entrepreneur Source wishes you much success!

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About OxiFresh

Oxi Fresh is a low moisture, fast drying, and high-tech carpet cleaning company. They offer upholstery, tile and grout, and hardwood floor cleaning. If you are in need of their services in the Jacksonville area, call Oxi Fresh at 904-385-3590. You will be glad you did!